Iris Bouwmeester studied at the Sint Joost Academy for Art and Design in Breda from 1988 to 1993, and attended the Sandberg Institute in Amsterdam from 2009 to 2010. For her graduation show she won the Sint Joost Penning.
Iris has worked as an artist in the United Kingdom, Norway, France and Belgium, and has exhibited internationally. She teaches fine arts at the Sint Joost Academy for Art and Design in Den Bosch as well as in Breda.
 She lives and works in Breda as an artist and is co- founder and member of artistic team of artist-run space Club Solo.
Bouwmeester makes sculptures and temporary installations, working with all kinds of materials and using as few tools or instruments as possible. Most of her works are related to immaterial phenomena such as light or space, and are created through her appreciation of the possibilities of materials.
As in geological processes, her work originates in the movement between ordering and chaos. It’s not that she prefers one above the other, but she explores the various possibilities that allow each to be present at the same time in one object.
Bouwmeester shows that nothing ought to be fixed for the artist, that the intrinsic doubt inherent to an artist should serve as the basis for acting. This is a vulnerable attitude, but also the only way in which the artist can approach the core, the authenticity of her artistic practice. Iris Bouwmeester’s artistry shows that in all its fibers.